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Global Monitoring System for EGNOS (GMS)

The Global Monitoring System (GMS) provides a wide SBAS performance monitoring using the different GPS/GEO data collection networks. The data files are gathered from public domain ftp sites (such as cddisa.gsfc.nasa.gov, igs.bkg.bund.de) and SBAS data sources (serenad-public.cnes.fr, EDAS service) on a daily basis.

The Navigation Solution is computed using gLAB. The automatic processing has a latency of 4 days in order to allow the data to be uploaded to the ftp servers.

Send an email to info.gage@upc.edu for requesting access to the GMS.

The following disclaimer must be accepted to access the GMS:



The information/results/statistics contained in this GMS server have not been verified by any official SBAS service provider (e.g., ESSP, FAA) and are offered "as it is", without any warranty that they are accurate, reliable, complete, or up-to-date. 
The use of the GMS website constitutes your acknowledgement of these limitations. 
The GMS results may have errors due to external sources (e.g. missing data in source data servers), the use of not MOPS-certified receivers, or other sources. 
The reproduction, publication, or dissemination of any plot/result/statistic from this GMS server, in whole or in part, for any publication must clearly acknowledge the GMS source and the aforementioned limitation. 

Any official statistic/plot about EGNOS, shall be obtained through ESSP using the email: egnos-helpdesk@essp-sas.eu or website: https://egnos-user-support.essp-sas.eu/new_egnos_ops/egnos_system_realtime 

Any official statistic/plot about WAAS, shall be obtained through FAA using the website https://www.nstb.tc.faa.gov/rt_waassatellitestatus.htm 


Link to Global Monitoring System for EGNOS (GMS)