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Engineering Support to SIS and Ionosphere-Related Models Assessment (EG-SIFE)


The goal of the EG-SIFE project is to provide engineering support to the EPO activities in Multi-Constellation (GPS/GAL) Dual-Frequency data processing and to enhance the assessment of new Ionosphere-related models. The characterization is performed on the GPS and GALILEO Signal In Space (SiS) for L1(E1), L5(E5) and L2P/L2C (only for GPS) frequencies.


  • Responsible: gAGE/UPC


  • Coordinator: Jaume Sanz Subirana


  • Year/s of execution: 2015-2016


  • Duration: 24 months



Project web server  EG-SIFE

Ref.:EG-SIFE [CTT: C-10254] JSS 100K