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GNSS Education Network for Industry and Universities (GENIUS)


The focus of the GENIUS project is to strengthen links between universities, research institutes and industry. It does this through a range of activities that include the provision of world-class industrial training that concentrates on current GNSS “hot topics”, an industry focused PhD scholarship programme as well as support of post-graduate internships into industry and measures to improve the employability and technical knowledge of PhD students.


  • Project CoordinatorThe University of Nottingham (UNOT)


  • CoordinatorPaul Bhatia (UNOT)

    • Partners: Univ. Nottingham, UniBwM, Politecnico di Torino, ISMB, ENAC, AZO, gAGE/UPC, IAE, Danish GPS Center.

    • Responsible gAGE/UPC: Jaume Sanz


  • Amount of the Project:  845KEUR  [29KEUR UPC]


  • Start Date:  4th January 2012


  • Duration: 36 months


Project web server 

Ref.: FP7 Galileo 287191, GENIUS [CTT: E-01147] JSS 29K/845K