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WARTK based on EGNOS and Galileo: technical feasibility study (WARTK-EGAL)


The main goal of the WARTK-EGAL project is to show the capability of using the EGNOS reference station network for supporting wide-area sub-decimetre error level navigation over the EGNOS service area with GPS/Galileo signals. The main techniques supporting this new approach are related to an accurate real-time computation of ionospheric corrections, combined with an optimal processing of GNSS observables (carrier phases in particular) in both 2 and 3-frequency systems. This is the so-called WARTK technique, previously developed by gAGE/UPC and protected by two patents.



  • Year/s of execution: 2005-2006


  • Duration: 12 months


Project web server

Ref.: GJU/05/6410/NV/cc, [CTT: E-00877], MHPxxxK/295.344K