Alberto García Rigo

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Alberto García-Rigo, obtained his degree in Engineer of Telecommunications (UPC) in 2005. He has obtained his Ph.D. in the doctoral programme of Aerospace Science and Technology within gAGE/UPC research group. In the frame of the IGS Iono-WG, he has developed the UPC TEC prediction products and he has been responsible of the combined and evaluation products of the IGS final ionospheric products for more than four years. In addition, he has also implemented the SISTED real time solar flare detector based on GPS data.
He has also performed research and management tasks for several projects related to GNSS (Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation fields) as part of gAGE/UPC and, currently, as part of the Spin-off gAGE-NAV, S.L., where he has been working as a GNSS Engineer since January 2011.
Alberto García Rigo CV