Prague 2016


This website provides you information about the Professional Training held in Prague in 2016.

The schedule can be downloaded from the following link (57 KB): schedule.pdf

  • The booklet can be downloaded from the following link: Light (26 MB): booklet_light.pdf
  • The booklet can be downloaded from the following link: Full Resolution (43 MB): booklet.pdf

Attendees can download the training material from the following link (password protected):

Course web server 


Check the Industry Vouchers of e-KnoT: 

”Industry vouchers” is a new initiative aiming at consolidating links between Research and Industry by supporting innovative ideas in the area of GNSS, emerging from European companies, in particular SMEs, thanks to the support of strong academic partners teaming in a Horizon 2020 financed Project. The objective of this initiative is to provide short-term, specialized expertise to European companies from high level academic staff. Indeed industry has specific needs that could be related to the definition and understanding of a problem, the need for advice, the feedback on an innovative idea or the review of a new concept. Such specific needs can be blocking points while an appropriate expert could tackle it in a relatively reduced time. This is particularly true for small entities with reduced resources. The idea of this action is thus to offer such expertise to companies in need that can be seen as ‘advice’, ‘feedback’ or ‘guidance’.