Ionospheric Delay Corrections in GNSS Signals for High Precision Applications

The objective of this activity is to design an optimal strategy to remove 2nd order signal delays induced by ionospheric refraction which can constitute one important error source on GNSS measurements. The modelling of such corrections will be assessed within the project from electron content, geomagnetic models and the combination of 3 GNSS signals. Higher order corrections will be considered.

  • Funding Agency/companyEuropean Space Agecncy (ESA)
  • Responsible: gAGE/UPC
    • Partners: gAGE-NAV, S.L., ROB
  • Year/s of execution: 2011-2012
  • Duration: 12 months

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Ref.: xxxxxxx [CTT: C-8439] MHP 45K/xxxK