Wide-Area RTK

Wide-Area RTK (WARTK)

Method and system for real time navigation using satellite transmitted three-carrier radio signals and ionospheric corrections 


The invention concerns a real-time navigation method for locating a rover using three-carrier radio signals of three different frequencies to determine the position of a user, transmitted by satellites. The method comprises a first step for determining "extra-wide lane" carrier phase ambiguity, a second step for estimating "wide-lane" phase ambiguity, and a third step for resolving the phase ambiguity of one of the frequencies. An additional step consists in the application of real-time ionospheric corrections during the third step, these ionospheric corrections being based on a continuously updated ionospheric model of said ionospheric layer calculated by a fixed ground reference station combined with geodetic data calculated by a so-called master fixed ground reference station. The invention also concerns a system for implementing the method. 


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US20030539826 20031216 

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FR20020016227 20021219 ; WO2003FR50176 20031216

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