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Fast-PPP Products

A secured server allows users to download gAGE precise products.

If you wish to gain access to the Fast-PPP products, please send an email to info.gage [at] indicating the motivation and purpouse of using the Fast-PPP Products.


The gAGE precise products consist of four precise products listed here:

  1. Ambiguities: fractional part of carrier-phase ambiguities (B1 BW), see format.
  2. STEC: very precise sample of the actual slant total electron content, see format.
  3. IONEX: gAGE IONEX files, see format.
  4. CLK: satellite clock offsets, see format.


The server is structured in several directories:

  • The first directory is defined to be yyyy, where

                 yyyy: year 4-digit (i.e., 2014).

  • The second directory is defined to be ddd, which contains the four precise products gzip compressed for such day, where

                 ddd: day of the year number (i.e., 001).


Fast-PPP credits

If you feel it is appropriate, you may consider paying us back by citing the Fast-PPP papers: