gLUE stands for GNSS Laboratory under Ubuntu Enviroment. It is a Bootable USB stick with a full environment ready to use based on LINUX (Ubuntu) OS.


Instructions - How To burn a gLUE into a USB.

Please follow next steps to generate gLUE into an USB stick (2 GB size or more is recomended):


 1.  Find a machine with Ubuntu (10.04 LTS release or newer).

If in doubt, look for "DISTRIB_RELEASE=" when typing:

$ cat /etc/lsb-release

 2.  Download the gLUE ISO (Note it is a 1GB file) ready to to the Tutorial: 

       GNSS Data Processing Exercise Tutorial: Download the ISO here. 

       Analysis of propagation effects from GNSS observables based on laboratory exercises Tutorial: Download the ISO here. 

 3.  Plug the USB to your computer.

 4.  Look for the "Startup Disk Creator" application.

Note: in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, you can find it into 
"System -> Administration > Startup Disk Creator".


 5.  In button "Source disc image (.iso) or CD:" click "Other" to find the downloaded ISO.

Note: If you cannot see your downloades iso, copy it /tmp or somewhere else not automatically detected by usb-creator.

 6.  In "Disk to use" select the USB that was plugged in step #3.

      After selecting, click button "Erase Disk" (be careful when selecting in case some other USB are plugged).

  7.  When the option "Stored in reserved extra space" becomes active, assign aproximately 600 MB for the user to have space to store data.

 8.  Click button "Make Startup Disk".