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GIC Brazil Webinar 2021: GNSS Signal Processing and Navigation Techniques

This website provides you information about the Professional Training held in Brazil in 2021 in the context of the Galileo Information Center (GIC) project in Brazil.

The Professional Training given includes both theoretical and practical sessions, in which the presented concepts will be visualized through guided exercises with actual datasets. The first part of the Professional Training discusses GNSS signals and their properties. It also introduces the basic GNSS signal processing including signal acquisition and parameter tracking as applied in common GNSS receiver. The second part of the Professional Training introduces the algorithms and techniques used in the GNSS, with the focus on the navigation part. That is, once the signals are acquired and measurements are generated by the GNSS receiver. The lectures include the measurement characteristics, its modelling and the estimation of the position and time by solving the navigation equations.

The associated software can be downloaded from here:


Lecture SlidesVideo
L1. Presentation of GIC-BR project
L2. Introduction to GNSS handout
L3. Introduction to gLAB tool suite
L4. Multiple access and spread spectrum ranging handout
L5. Chip pulse shapes and multiplexing
L6. Signal acquisition
L7. Parameter tracking
L8.  Overview of GNSS positioniong techniques
L9. Model components analysis
L10. Precise Point Positioning
L11. Kinematic orbit estimation of a LEO satellite