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Dr. Àngela Aragón Àngel

Dr. Àngela Aragón Àngel

Àngela Aragón-Àngel started working as a grant holder for the research group gAGE/UPC under an Eurocontrol scholarship from October 2002 until April 2004, being involved in the UPC activities on ESTB (EGNOS System Test BedData Collection and Evaluation project and, as a contractor, performing management tasks and providing research support from October 2006 until December 2010.

From May 2004-April 2006, she worked at the Radionavigation Systems and Techniques Section of the European Space Agency (ESA) at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) performing R+D activities. Her main tasks were to study Ionospheric propagation (by means of the NeQuick model revisited for Galileo) and the assessment for future single frequency users in the framework of Galileo. She was also involved in a project to design and test a Distributed computing environment to perform ionospheric corrections taking advantage of the idle time of computer from a network. She was closely collaborating with the Wave, Interaction and Propagation section regarding the Galileo ionospheric algorithm for single frequency users.

From January 2011, she is working for the company gAGE-NAV, S.L. performing consulting services as well as research and management tasks in the field of satellite navigation and Earth observation.