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Development of an integrated Global Navigation Satellite System/inertial navigation system for autonomous navigation Vehicles at Global Scale to develop and test an integrated system for precise positioning at a planetary scale based on the existing global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). Then, a real-time integrity monitoring of different perturbations affecting the positioning and security of users will be incorporated to the system.

  • Funding Agency/company: Spain Goverment (Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities) - Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación e Universidades. RTI2018-094295-B-I00.

  • Responsible:  Guillermo Gonzalez and JM Juan Zornoza

  • Year/s of execution2019-2022

  • Duration: 36 months

Ref.: RTI2018-094295-B-I00 [J-02522] GGC JMJ  139 k€