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Ionospheric Conditions and Associated Scenarios for EGNOS, Selected from the Last Solar Cycle (ICASES-2) 

The goal of the ICASES-2 project is to consolidate the statistical basis of the ionospheric indicator based on AATR parameter including the analysis for a large set of stations and time for understanding the variability of the indicators, and validate the selected ionospheric condition definition, identifying potential exceptions or anomalies. Develop a synthetic event generator for reproducing challenging ionospheric features at selected times and/or locations on demand.  Develop external processor to generate “VeritIon” VTEC and STEC data and AATR monitoring on automatic basis, useful for the generation and identification of scenarios for sensitivity analysis, availability analysis and integrity analysis.

  • Responsible: gAGE/UPC
  • Coordinator: José Miguel Juan Zornoza
  • Year/s of execution: 2014-2015
  • Duration: 12 months

Ref.: Thales Alenia Space PO 1520042312 [CTT: C-10101] JMJ 100 k€