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MAGIC-MIGA (Antartida)

Monitoring and Analysis of Geomagnetic and Ionospheric Characteristics in the ASJI

This proposal addresses to improve the geophysical observatory at the Spanish Antarctic Station Juan Carlos I (ASJI) set up by the participants at this remote region, to provide added value to the data recorded at the ASJI (e.g. deducing ionospheric information gathered by a Global Positioning System, GPS, receiver and combining them with data from classical ionosondes and from oblique incidence soundings), to deepen on the knowledge of its environment (particularly to the “climatological” and “meteorological” behavior of the geomagnetic field and ionospheric elements of that environment), to model that behavior bounding it to the solar activity and to the space weather events and to expand the capacity of data transmission. Likewise, our proposal will facilitate the expansion of already-existing historical data series, and will try to guarantee the no-interruption of the continuous record of the longest series via new technological actions to improve the number of sensors and data acquisition systems and to address the transmission during the wintering.

Other objectives of this proposal are the development of prediction and forecasting tools of the quiet and disturbed behavior of the aforementioned environment elements and to design a system affording the communication of sensors nearby the Livingston Island by ionospheric bounce.

  • Coordinator: David Altadill (OE)

  • Year/s of execution: 2010-2012

  • Duration: 36 months 

Ref.: CTM2010-21312-c=3-02 [CTT: J-01542] JSS 57/289 k€